UniSA Health Students Discover OPAL

Life Looks Brighter Outside is the latest campaign for the Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle (OPAL) programme in the City of Playford.

The future of the program had been in doubt due to recent Federal budget cuts, but funding from SA Health and the City of Playford means the programme will continue until 2016, which is great news because obesity rates are rising, with one in four children overweight or obese, but also children and families can continue to be supported to eat well and be active.

OPAL works with a range of government and nongovernment organisations in communities to support children to be healthy for life.

OPAL Council Manager, Lisa Atwell says, ‘we are working with shopping centres and small supermarkets to make sure the fruit and veg they have is appropriately priced and displayed.’

‘The only vegetables one store had, was basically onions and potatoes, and their choice of meat was sausages or mince. So we worked through a process to have greater choice of fruit and veg and leaner cuts of meat available, and their sales went through the roof!’ she says.

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