Human movement helping mothers get fit

Motivating people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing is not an easy task, but for some it comes easy, especially when it benefits those who need it most.

Human movement student and personal trainer, Charlotte Henderson is leading Mum Fit, an exercise class initiative of the FamilyZone Ingle Park Hub.

Charlotte enjoys being useful to others, beginning with a community service trip to Malaysia at age 16 where she worked with children with disabilities.

‘I think it’s important to help people reach their goals, so my focus is on kids and people who are disadvantaged or have disabilities because they can’t always get the support they need,’ Charlotte says.

‘Talking to people about healthy lifestyles and exercise for mental and physical wellbeing is something I do all the time.

‘But I prefer to work with people who really need help rather than those who have the luxury of going to a gym.

‘I really like doing Mum Fit because I know I’m helping people who might not otherwise have the opportunity,’ she says.

The classes are designed for mothers who have experienced postnatal depression, or who are at risk, as well as those with young children who are disadvantaged.

Mother, Pru Pole says she is able to attend classes thanks to a Child and Youth Health nurse who organised for a FamilyZone staff member to help out.

‘My daughter has a lot of health problems and because of that I can’t take her out to be around other kids in case she catches infections. So a lady comes to my house to look after her, while I come here to exercise,’ Pru says.

“Classes are free and Charlotte is lovely.

‘I don’t feel too traumatised during the class, I might feel a bit sore a few days later, but it’s a good feeling especially since it’s pretty much the only exercise I do and it motivates me to move more and eat well,’ she says.

Charlotte is one six students from the University of South Australia undertaking placements at the outreach centre.

FamilyZone Manager, Kathlene Wilson is thrilled to have students using their discipline knowledge to help at the centre.

‘We’ve got three human movement students, two social work masters students as well a psychology masters student from UniSA, so that’s been really, really helpful,’ Kathlene says.

A small staff with over 45 volunteers work to support the 2500 families who access FamilyZone.

Mum Fit classes are held each Tuesday at 1:30 during school term. Check out their website or Facebook page for more information.

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