Tea Tree Gully Winter Warmer Market

On one of Adelaide’s coldest days this winter tucked inside HIVE 12 Twenty Five in Modbury buzzed a cozy arts and crafts market.

The Winter Warmer Market is unique to the City of Tea Tree Gully attracting over 35 stallholders, including local businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Emily Gillet
UniSA Marketing and Management student, Emily Gillett

The success of this year’s market can largely be attributed to the work of UniSA Marketing and Management student, Emily Gillett.

HIVE 12 Twenty Five Coordinator, Cathy O’Loughlin says, “It has been wonderful to have a student as skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic as Emily working with us.”

“She kept staff informed every step of the way and constantly asked questions to ascertain which direction she should take.

“She was open to ideas and suggestions and availed herself of any resource she could to assist in planning and implementing the market.

“The result is a credit to Emily and I congratulate her on her success,” Cathy says.

The market is the first event Emily has been involved in planning and managing and she says that it helped her put theory into practice.

“I found the experience very rewarding,” she says.

“I learnt about aspects of event planning, marketing principles, risk assessment and the importance of effective communication.


“I spoke with stallholders during and after the market to get feedback and although some felt that more promotion was needed, they were all really happy and would be involved again.

“While I recommend looking at additional opportunities to market the event, it was a great initiative by HIVE and a valuable learning experience for me.”

For Emily Cullen, who battles with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the HIVE youth centre has been instrumental in building her confidence.

Beginning with a sewing class, Emily then joined the art group and has now built her own small business, Zebra Arts and Crafts, featuring hand drawn designs on recycled crockery, wheat bags and cards

Emily’s mother, Kate says, ”For a long time Emily found it impossible to leave the house and be around other people.”

“School didn’t fit with her ASD, so I took her to a sewing class at HIVE. She’s always been creative and enjoyed making things with her hands.

“Initially I had to be quite firm about her staying for the entire class, but once she got past that uncomfortable stage, she really enjoyed it,” Kate says.


HIVE 12 Twenty Five is a youth centre focused on engaging young people through health and wellbeing, education and training and a range of engagement and participation activities, such as art, cooking and sewing.

Their philosophy is to support young people to succeed in all aspects of their lives and to give them opportunities to market and promote themselves through small business opportunities.

The Winter Warmer Market is a HIVE initiative and hopes to feature regularly in various locations within the City of Tea Tree Gully.

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