UniSA Holden Hill Cafe

UniSA initiative brings people together and forges new friendships.

Café 82 has popped up at the Holden Hill Community Centre thanks to the work of Bachelor of Health Science student, Natalie Bodel.

Electing to be part of the Community Service Learning Project (CSLP) Natalie had been part of running a fitness program for men at the Holden Hill Men’s Shed before piloting the café earlier this year.

‘After the first six months feedback showed that the café had made a positive impact on the community,’ Natalie says.

‘Food, service and value for money were highly rated and when asked for ideas to improve, those who commented said they were happy with the way things were and not to change a thing.

‘The other great thing that came out of the evaluation was that the community felt they had socialised with different people and developed new friendships,’ she says.


The ongoing success of the café can be attributed to the skills and knowledge that CSLP students bring to the project.

Providing a delicious two-course lunch for $8 requires effective communication and organisation as Health Science students Asli Celik, Sarah I-Lin Lim and Bengo (Ho) Wai Lam have discovered.

“We’re trying to work out better systems because the kitchen is so small,” says Asli.

“There’s the three of us, three volunteers and a cook, so that can get a bit hectic when we’re all here at once,” she says.

Sarah says the three of them have been working on a roster and brainstorming ideas to improve the running of the café.

“I also work with the cook to make sure menu items are healthy and well balanced,” she says.

Bengo’s expertise is in commerce.

“I’m working closely with Chloe Oborn, the Community Development Officer to get the cafe’s finances into an online system,” Bengo says.

The student’s commitment to improving the running of the café becomes evident when you see them operate during service.

Their friendly faces and warm greetings guide you to cheery tables where conversation is open and tasty food is shared.

UniSA CSLP students in partnership with the City of Tea Tree Gully have created a lovely environment for meeting new people at Café 82.

Café 82 is held every alternate Thursday from 12-1:30pm at the Holden Hill Community Centre, 82 Valiant Road, Holden Hill.

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