Ahmad’s story

Interview with New Humans of Australia

With a FaceBook following of over 108k, New Humans Of Australia celebrates the voices of refugees and migrants who call Australia home.

Founder and writer, Nicola Gray seeks to reduce discrimination towards migrants, especially refugees, through the powerful medium of storytelling.

‘In 2006, I fled from Iran to Syria…We survived by selling clothes in the streets and because we spoke Arabic, we could sometimes work as interpreters for Iranian tourists, but it wasn’t an easy existence.’

Read Ahmad’s story at New Humans Of Australia.

Image by Rupinder Sahota of Grace Images




Interview with the University of South Australia’s Alumni News

“It is really hard to be a refugee. Sharing my story is really important for educating non-refugees about just how hard our lives are and the constant struggle we go through each day,” says Ahmad.

In the years since he initially fled with nothing more than a blanket and the clothes on his back, Ahmad has gone from a dish washer, to the first Ahwazian Arab man in South Australia to graduate from university, to securing a role with the UN Refugee Agency – the same organisation that helped him register as a refugee and move to Australia.’

Read From refugee to UniSA to UN Refugee Agency Employee





Interview with Mouthful Mag

Safely in Australian since 2008, we asked Ahmad about the love he has for both homes – Iran and Australia – we share that with you here.

‘Like any human being I love my country. It’s the place I grew up in, I love my family and the community around me. But unfortunately my life and culture was dictated by the theocratic regime of Iran and my place in the country was oppressed…Life is very difficult for many people. People sell their organs to make money. Society has broken down and the government cares about spending the money on terrorist groups in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.’

Read the full interview at From Iran through Syria to Australia – a refugee’s story


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