Taking a pit stop in Tailem Bend

While many people stop to refuel at the Tailem Takeaway and Pizza, owners Michael and Karen Alleman have decided to take a pit stop themselves.

After all the work put into renovating, refurbishing and refitting the shop since purchasing it in 2014, the Alleman’s are selling up and have their sights on a new project.

The Tailem Bend Masonic Hall will receive the Alleman touch, becoming new self-catering accommodation for budget travellers.


“We bought the hall to convert into accommodation for the SA Motorsport Park,” says Michael.

“We have just had discussions with the architect about three weeks ago about what we have to do.

“There are lots of neglected buildings in Tailem Bend so we have to put a lot of work into them before they are ready for business – that’s integral.

“But we have never worked in accommodation before, so we are really running blind,’ Michael says.

man with dough

A baker by trade, 55 year old Michael began working in his parents wholesale bakery in Morphett Vale.

He met his partner, Karen at a young age and she was drawn into the family business.

“Karen has a background in retail,” says Michael.

“So she has really supported me since the beginning.

“We managed stores in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory for 13 years with our (then) young daughter.

“We shared some amazing experiences with the Indigenous people and our daughter has fond memories of bush trips and ceremonies.

“Karen and I moved back to Adelaide in 2009, where I picked up a contract with CocaCola and Karen worked as manager of a shoe store.

“But with some encouragement from friends in Tailem Bend, we decided to buy a house to fix up and rent out in the town.

“While we were renovating the house we came across the takeaway shop for sale, and the rest is history as they say,’ Michael says.

people standing in kitchen

Running Tailem Takeaway and Pizza came naturally to the couple but after three years it was physically too much.

Tired and ready to take a step back from hours and hours of work, the Alleman’s feel they achieved their goal.

“We met our aim to improve the shop and build the business to it’s best,” says Michael.

“Now is the right time for us to sell and look for another business that can accommodate the lifestyle we want to enjoy.

“We know that once the Masonic Hall is renovated and ready for accommodation, Kerry of Coorong Realty will look after the details for us and we can enjoy a bit of down time for ourselves.”

Tailem Takeaway and Pizza is currently listed FOR SALE with Coorong Realty.

Read more about it here.This story and more like it are published at Coorong Realty, Coorong. Property. People.






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