The trade-off: search results for personal information

Do you know how much and what kind of personal information you are trading each time you search for results online?

Anisha Fernando is a PhD student from the School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences researching ways to manage the flow of personal data in web searches whilst empowering users.

Recently presenting at the annual Australian Internet Governance Forum in Melbourne, Anisha talked about Internet technology that is inclusive without being invasive.

‘Privacy is something we expect and it’s something we don’t miss until we lose it,’ she says.

‘The context is changing and having accesses to data and control of it has evolved.’

‘Now it’s about understanding what are the instances in which we share data and when is it sensitive and when is it not.’

‘I’m working to understand what people think about privacy and how do their privacy expectations match up with their values, because there seems to be a gap in how technology meets our expectations.’

‘We need to know what privacy-centric values to embed in the design of technology,’ Anisha says.

Read more at Research Edge

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